Vehicular Armor


Smart Nano Armor is a multi-layered, multi-functional armor system, designed and developed to defeat the multiple threats of today’s asymmetric warfare environment. Smart Nano Armor defeats armor-piercing bullets, bomb blast waves, fragments & fire from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and an expanding array of evolving threats.

Smart Nano Armor is rigorously tested, qualified, improved, and re-qualified to continuously enhanced protection levels and usability while decreasing weight. Smart Nano Armor products are especially designed for 7.62mm, 50-cal, and IED threat protection, although lower protection level products can be made available.

Smart Nano Materials, working with qualified partners, provides opaque and/or transparent armor to meet your vehicle and structural protection needs. Our rapid iterative design and our live testing approach produces armor that meets your specifications. For additional information, please view: