Smart Nano Armor Testing

Product Testing Methods

Smart Nano Materials products pass rigorous and well documented tests before we release them to market.

Ballistic Testing for Smart Nano ArmorTM Products

  • Each test piece, from Proof-Of-Concept (POC), through Prototyping and Qualification is identified with a unique serial number, tested, photographed, measured, and documented.
  • In-house testing capabilities include: 9mm, .357 mag, .44 mag, 7.62mm AP, and 50-cal AP.

Explosive and IED Testing for Smart Nano ArmorTM Products

  • All explosive and IED testing is performed at DoD approved test facilities.
  • 3rd party testing capabilities include custom IEDs and EFPs

Partner test/analytical facilities for Smart Nano Armor and Smart Materials Products

  • In-house test range with American Armor (9mm through 7.62mm AP and 50-cal AP)
  • DoD approved test facility at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
  • 7.62mm AP, 50-cal AP, and IED testing & qualification
  • Instron machine for testing mechanical properties
  • SEM and other analytical instrumentation