Technology Development

While application of technologies in the smartest way possible is essential for project success, sometimes the trick for a given project is actually to enhance or create a technology.

Equally skilled and experienced at technology development as we are at technology application, Smart Nanos can provide exactly the creative engineering support needed to fully align technologies with your needs or the needs of your project. Contact us to learn more about our Technology Development Services.

Smart NanoTM

Smart NanoTM is a technology platform designed to integrate a wide array of nanoparticles into various host materials. This forms the core of our technology development work, because materials engineered at a molecular level represent the best opportunities for significant product breakthroughs and value to our customers.

Specifically, we are working to continuously improve the integration of carbon nanotubes, graphene, fullerenes, nanoclays, and nano metals to dramatically improve mechanical (toughness and reinforcement)  and electrical (conductivity) properties of common host materials. We:

  • Work with partners to nano-enhance their own materials, or off-the-shelf materials.
  • Help make products better through smart use of available nanoparticles.


The most widely accepted definition of a nanoparticle is any particle measuring less than 100 nanometers (nm) in at least one dimension, although most nanoparticles that we us measure less than 50 nm.

Carbon NanoTubes (CNTs) and other carbonaceous nanoparticles

Often cited as the most promising of nanoparticles, these are notoriously difficult to use because they tend to aggregate into large clumps, and don’t naturally bond well to other materials. An additional challenge is that these nanoparticles try to re-aggregate in weak dispersions.

Our technology approach:

  • Maximizes nanoparticle exfoliation and separation
  • Minimizes unintended cutting/shortening/breaking of nano particles. For Carbon Nanotubes, this is important because it maintains the benefits derived from their naturally high aspect ratios (1000:1 for Single-Wall Carbon NanoTubes – SWCNTs)
  • Maximizes bonding to a wide array of host materials